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Damage following Escape of Water or Flood

Through no fault of the homeowner flooding can often happen without warning. This often leads to lengthy periods of de – humidifying and damp testing.

The unavoidable length of time the home owner can be away from the home can add to the disruption of normal life.

NCBS appreciates the complications and stress this can cause and understand that when a contractor is appointed the client expects reinstatement works to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

NCBS manage all stages of works from stripping out, through to reinstatement.

In all cases the client will have a direct point of contact, usually the Contract Manager, Project Manager or Site Foreman; they will be able to offer advice, reassurance and assistance throughout the claim.



Fire Damage Reinstatement

Fire and smoke and the methods used to extinguish fire can have a devastating effect on properties. More importantly the emotional impact of the damage to the homeowner, business or tenant can be extreme.

NCBS staff are fully aware of the emotional trauma caused by these events and are trained to deal with the individual requirements of every client.

We understand that balanced comfortable livelihoods can be dramatically transformed to that of confusion and the unknown in a very short space of time. We understand that while having to deal with alternative accommodation the loss of personnel possessions and the trauma following a fire, the client may need help and guidance as not everybody is familiar with construction terminology, methods and practices. We try at all times to keep the client well informed of ongoing works and prospective works. We provide a dated programme prior to commencement and regularly updates throughout the project.

NCBS have over 30 years experience within the Insurance Industry and a have built an excellent reputation for achieving the highest quality in the shortest time possible.

On average we would expect to return a three bed property, fully refurbished within 10 weeks.


The effects of subsidence to a family home are unique to other disasters. The emotional impact can be greater than with any other disaster to affect the home.

Causes of subsidence can fall into a number of categories usually tree roots, faulty drainage or ground consolidation.

The method of stabilisation can range from the removal of trees or repairs to drainage and in a few instances underpinning or piling may be recommended.

NCBS have dealt with over 1000 subsidence claims undertaking piling, underpinning and associated works. We have a dedicated and professional team who have gained a deep understanding of the issues surrounding problems that the homeowner may well have been through. Often a year or more of surveying, repairs and monitoring will have passed before we become involved, we understand this can be immensely frustrating for the client.

Listed properties and conservation

Our expertise in this area is often sort after by professional institutions, especially when a listed property or a property within a conservation area has been damaged by fire, flood, subsidence, smoke or impact damage. We have formed close working relationships with local authorities and fully understand and appreciate the sensitive approach that is required when repairing listed buildings.

Our expertise includes, Clay Lump, Clunch, Flint work, Slate, Lime Plaster and Rendering, Lime Washing, Lathe and Plaster, Church Windows, Lead Widows and Decorations using specialist products.

Property Maintenance

We are able to offer a service no matter how small the job ranging from fixing a leaking tap, decorating your property or building an extension.
We fit kitchens, tile, replace windows and doors.
We work for local authorities renovating and maintaining Sports Centres, Schools and Communal Centres.

Impact Damage

Impact damage occurs frequently and can range from a small incident such as a 1-5mph bump on your own driveway to a car leaving the road at high speed and crashing into a property. NCBS have been called out to many different instances including caravans becoming uncoupled while being pulled and impacting on properties and also aircraft crashing into properties. In all instances the damage is unexpected and causes much upheaval to the client. NCBS ensure that all repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently with the least amount of stress and inconvenience to the client as possible

New Builds

NCBS offer the full project management for any new build, from planning through to completion; you will be supplied with your own project manager who will follow the contract from commencement to completion.

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